Caffe Craze Cafe and Chai History

1997 - Caffe Craze opens as a coffee bar in the historic train station of Malvern, PA, a charming suburb of Philadelphia.  We provide the morning crowd of commuters and students with locally roasted coffees and espresso plus a wide selection of premium loose tea.  We offer muffins, pound-cakes, cookies, granola plus breakfast sandwiches, yogurt parfaits and fruit smoothies. 


1998 - Adding an espresso bar catering service to our schedule, we enjoy serving cappuccino and coffee at the the Devon Horse Show for "Dressage at Devon" as well as other catered events in the Philadelphia, PA area.


2000 - Inspired by a new demand for chai beverages and our health conscious philosophy we create an all natural, artisinal chai concentrate.  Our commitment to using only whole ingredients and nothing artificial became a guiding principle in Caffe Craze Chai's recipe development. Caffe Craze Chai is born!


2004 - We  begin selling our rich flavored, authentic chai to neighboring coffee houses and discover new markets for Caffe Craze Chai such as whole-foods stores, high-end bistros and university campuses.


2008 -  Caffe Craze Chai adds 1/2 gallon and single serving retail packaging.  Customers can now enjoy our healthy, delicious chai at their office or home.


2010 - The pedestrian tunnel/parking lot project at the Malvern train station creates a challenging time for the cafe. We put our energy towards producing and marketing our chai concentrate which is well suited for today's more health-conscious customers. Cheers!


2012 - The construction project, which surrounded the train station for months is finished and we are once again open and serving customers their morning cup as they dash on their way to work or school.  Malvern is thriving and we are privileged to be a member of the community. In March, we launched our chai as "Chaikhana Chai" at a trade show in New York City.  We were excited to share our product with new customers and remain dedicated to providing a quality, micro-brewed, 100% natural chai for the marketplace.


2016 -  Still serving your essential morning hot cuppa as Malvern continues to grow. We've enjoyed meeting many new customers along the way....and are honored to have the privilege of serving some customers that we've known here for nearly 20 years!


Caffe Craze

13 West King St.

Malvern, PA 19355